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Tired of the music industry bullying? Afraid of the RIAA goons with subpoenas? Want to help artists without helping suits? Want to change something, but don't know how?

Together we can do it!

   Here is how it works: music listeners contribute some money to P2PFund. P2PFund divides this money among artists in proportion to their popularity on file-sharing networks (Kazaa, Gnutella, and so on).

At the same time, if the registered P2PFund user gets sued, this same money is used to pay the user's legal bills. And before you ask, no, you don't have to use P2P networks to get sued. Just ask the 66-year-old lady who was sued by mistake - but the money she had to pay to her lawyer was probably quite real.

So by registering here you do not admit any real or percieved guilt - you're simply protecting yourself against... call it bad luck, strike of lightning, or whatever - and at the same time, you're directly compensating artists for their hard work.

If you're an artist, you register here - essentially, you ask us to track your music downloads on file-sharing P2P networks and to pay you for these downloads. And we sincerely hope to make you rich.

But of course, you're paid from the same pool of money that is used to protect our registerd users. So please - spread the word to stop the lawsuit madness. The more money we have to spend to protect our users, the less will go to you.

Enough said - let's make it happen!

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